Doing acroyoga for the first time with one of my dear friends on a mountainside in Colorado was magical for a plethora of reasons, but it mostly showed me that I am learning how to let freaking go. I don’t always have to be driving my ship. Sometimes, I just have to show up & get on board.

I really didn’t think anyone would even notice that I had temporarily disabled my Instagram yesterday, but after having several people ask me if I blocked them or deleted my account, I figured it might not hurt to do a little write up about why I take a little break from the gram every year.

For all you Enneagram nerds, like a true 4, I feel like my code is flawed from time to time. I mask that fear with finding worth what I can produce. I cannot count how many times I’ve wondered that if my art was stripped from my hands, if anyone would notice me at all.

Something magical happens when you get sick of eating your own BS. This morning I hit my limit with my own bs. Today marks the first day where I didn't measure out my breakfast before eating. Not today Satan.